Professional Teaching

Professional Teaching

Training Services

One of the truly unique aspects of Stone Falcon’s business is that we are active as consultants within the areas that we also provide corporate training services. Stone Falcon delivers a variety of training programmes around the world to great success. Areas within which training programmes are offered:

Contract Programmes

  • International Petroleum Contracts
  • Commercial Contractual Negotiation and Drafting
  • Contract Management
  • Managing Contract Risk
  • Understanding contracts for non-legal personnel

Negotiation Skills Programmes

  • Handling Complexity in Negotiation
  • Handling Multi-lateral Negotiations
  • Negotiation Skills for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Advanced negotiation

Supply Chain Management Programmes

  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics within E&P
  • Warehousing and Transportation Management
  • Procurement and tendering
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Flagship Programme: International Purchasing and Supply – this course is delivered in a modular integrated fashion – 5 modules; 20 days overall. Clients may wish to choose specific modules, or may elect to undertake the entire programme.

Corporate Strategy Programmes

  • Understanding Corporate Strategy
  • Advanced Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Planning and Change Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Considerations
  • Business Development Strategies

M&A Programmes:

  • Understanding the M&A Process
  • Successful M&A deal making in practice
  • Post M&A – managing the cultural integration towards long term success

Project Management Programmes

  • The Core Skills of Project Management
  • Managing Project Costs and Budgets
  • Understanding Commercial and Contractual Issues in Projects
  • Project Risk Management
  • Leading Effective Project Teams
  • Infrastructure Project Management

Oil and Gas ‘Mini – MBA’ Programmes

  • Part 1
  • Part 2


Flagship Training programme offered in Instrumentation: The A-Z of Instrumentation

This complete course will take anyone interested/working within the field of instrumentation (regardless of industry) from the basics at foundation level right up to advanced techniques; procedures and knowledge. The training package is outlined in the flow diagram below

The A-Z of Instrumentation Flagship Training programme Flow Diagram

Train-the-trainer Programmes

Stone Falcon has two of the world’s most experienced experts who conduct and deliver these programmes globally. We understand that there is often an internal requirement within organisations to ensure that individuals tasked with training personnel are at their best and that their skillsets are optimised to add the greatest possible value to their colleagues who undertake career development with them.

  • Auditing SME trainer performance within the classroom environment
  • Enhancement of existing trainers’ performance
  • Delivery of coaching skills
  • Potential instructor screening workshop


  • Design and delivery of e-learning programmes and organisational strategy
  • Senior management e-learning/blended orientation programme

N.B. Stone Falcon offers training courses on every engineering/technical area of expertise listed on our website.