Project Management Services

Projects often represent a departure from the ‘core’ skills for an organisation – they are a foray into the unknown, perhaps entry into a new market or a new process/technology. They are normally high risk and often have uncertain payback and rewards. This is why projects are assigned budgets and limited resources and are carefully managed. Stone Falcon offers a number of crucial project services internationally to its client base.

‘Project Pathfinder’ Service

The most common reason why projects fail or get into trouble is due to ‘mis-scoping’. The project scope is the documentation that explains what a project exists to do, what it will therefore deliver and very importantly, what is excluded from the deliverables of the project. Scopes are made either too wide – with a range of resulting, costly implications, or are made too narrow, resulting in something critical being left out that will then have budgetary, cost and time implications. The ‘Project Pathfinder’ service from Stone Falcon helps to ensure that your project has the correct scope. We will align your projects’ scope to the business case, helping with the initiation and planning phases of the project lifecycle. We will help with conceptualisation of ideas and do our utmost to ensure that you, as our client, have robust variation protocols in place to ensure that ‘scope creep’ is nullified so that any desired changes to the scope is fully documented for audit purposes.

‘Project SOS’ Service

Sometimes, having an impartial, objective input imparts greater clarity onto a problem. A high percentage of projects fall behind delivery date and/or suffer from budgetary/cost overruns. The ‘Project SOS’ service from Stone Falcon is designed to help in these situations. An experienced project manager will be assigned to provide help and support – or even just an assessment and subsequent opinion – without bias to enable the project to get back on track. We will work with your stakeholders – both internal and external to eliminate problems and strengthen relationships.

‘Project Janus Service’

Although no two projects are ever identical (even if they are the ‘same’ project repeated), organisations often seem to fail to capitalise on the knowledge or ‘lessons learnt’ from previous projects – be this either negative or positive. As a direct response to this, Stone Falcon created the ‘Project Janus Service’ (Janus was the Roman God of transitions who could see both the past and the future). We will take your project information and turn it into a comprehensive, yet easy to read document (or bound book) that will capture the critical information that directly contributes to making future projects more profitable by harnessing the knowledge and experience gained. Having this resource to hand is a definite advantage towards greater efficiency in project delivery.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Closely aligned with the project function, the supply chain function is the critical business driver to ensure operational competitive success. A significant question pertaining to supply chain activities though has to be whether or not the supply chain is optimised as well as it could be. Often there is confusion between ownership of supply chain management functions and other organisational functions; there can be inefficient procurement and tendering processes; needless duplication and poorly managed critical lead times. Stone Falcon offers a holistic service to address; streamline and enhance the efficiency of the component value chain parts of the supply chain process in order to ensure that the supply chain is optimised from procurement and tendering to warehousing and logistical activities. We will ensure that operational efficiency is maximised within the supply chain. Stone Falcon also offers supply chain capacity building end to end, installing a ‘zero harm; zero defect; zero waste culture.